About us

Parapara Books is a parallel text publishing house. Our books enable readers to enjoy their favourite classics in two languages. ‘Para’ comes from the Greek prefix, meaning ‘side by side’ which is exactly how our texts are presented. Each story is mirrored, in another language, on the opposite page so readers can translate back and forth.

Parapara Books exist as much for learning as they do for pleasure.


Books can be bought here at our Online Store, ordered from any shop internationally, or sold online via Waterstones, AbeBooks, Amazon, and Blackwell's, amongst others.

Parapara Books was set up by Londoner Natasha Vavere, living in Düsseldorf, with the help of her friends, and some great businesses!  

Advice given by Parapara Books' printers Clays Ltd. has been wonderful and the printing couldn't be better.

Cover Design made by Studio Novembre, original and memorable design that perfectly defines Parapara Books.

A lot of the writing about the books and company was done by Mariella de Souza, who is lead copywriter at Cut to Content.

Translating this writing was :

Fatma Abdelbaki for Français, Andreas Koch for Deutsch, and Cynthia F Gandeborn for Español.

For any creative queries, large orders, bulk orders, shipping questions,or anything not answered in the FAQs please write to info@paraparabooks.com and we will reply within 2 days.